Starkey Hearing Aids

An Unprecedented Way To Hear

It’s the start of something new with Starkey’s Genesis AI hearing aids. This revolutionary hearing technology offers a completely reimagined design, processor, fitting software and patient experience. The Genesis AI offers a 20 dB improvement in range, and it works just like the neural fibers that code information for the brain.

With the longest-lasting rechargeable RIC and a new FlexForm™ receiver cable, this hearing technology is built with comfort in mind. Additionally, with a battery that holds up to 51 hours on a single charge and holds up to three charges, you’ll appreciate the long-lasting durability of this device.

A Mind of Its Own

The Genesis AI’s Neuro Processor is the industry’s first chip to offer a Deep Neural Network (DNN), which uses complex pattern recognition to mimic the cerebral cortex of the human brain. This allows the technology to adapt to listening environments at an unprecedented rate.

The Deep Neural Network offers:

  • Six times more transistors
  • Ten times more memory
  • Four times faster processing

The Fastest Speed and the Clearest Sound

The Genesis AI’s new processor offers exceptional momentum. It uses two compression systems at different speeds, which parallels neural fibers that code different information for the brain. Because of this innovative technology, you’ll be able to distinguish words and speech with less strain.

Genuine Sound

The Evolv™ AI is features integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. The Evolv AI makes up to 55 million personalized adjustments each hour, which means you get genuine, realistic sound quality in every listening environment imaginable.

When compared to past models, Evolv AI provides an additional 40% reduction in background noise energy, which means you’re putting in less effort to hear more conversations.

Evolv AI comes in the following model styles:

  • Behind-The-Ear (also available in rechargeable)
  • Receiver-In-Canal (also available in rechargeable)
  • In-The-Ear (also available in rechargeable)
  • In-The-Canal (also available in rechargeable)
  • Completely-In-Canal
  • Invisible

More Control to Thrive

Our Thrive Hearing Control app redefines what your hearing aid can do. Now you can have full control over the volume of your smartphone, television and other compatible wireless devices.

Through our additional Thrive Care app, you can also share physical activity info with select family, monitor the health benefit of your hearing aids and enable a custom mask mode that allows you to better hear those who are speaking while wearing a mask.

The Perfect Fit

Our Picasso™ custom hearing aids are designed to fit your unique ear anatomy with perfection, which allows for maximum comfort and an unbeatable amount of sound clarity.

With Picasso, you’ll get superior sound quality, a discreet fit that’s perfect for your own lifestyle needs and streaming through your television, phone or music device.

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