Oticon Hearing Aids

Precision Medicine Starts With the Oticon Intent™

Hearing aids have never offered precision like this before. The new Oticon Intent provides the kind of individualized hearing loss treatment your audiologist dreams of.

One of the most common things patients say is, “I do well in one situation, but struggle in others.” When the others are complex listening environments, the Oticon Intent shines. Real-time, seamless, adaptable-intent technology works with you like never before.

The Oticon Intent recognizes body and head movements, knows what you want to listen to and adjusts focus in real-time so you can hear exactly what you intended to.

New technology provides complete awareness of your surroundings by engaging with multiple speakers or intimate conversations while remaining open to surrounding sounds.

You shouldn’t have to work to hear. The Oticon Intent delivers a full soundscape, crystal clear speech understanding, and effortless listening, so you won’t have to.

Technology With Intention

  • Features a brand-new chip utilizing Oticon’s Deep Neural Network 2.0 Processing.
  • 4D user intent sensors understand your directional listening intentions.
  • New intelligent miniFit Detect speakers that self-calibrate every day.
  • 33% reduction in charge time over previous models.
  • Optimized for the ear canal and opening, offering greater comfort than ever before.
  • Bluetooth® LE Audio ready to provide a future-proof listening experience.
  • An expanded frequency bandwidth.

Hearing Help With a Single Touch—The Oticon Companion App

The companion app makes it easy to control your hearing aids your way using an Android™ or Apple® Phone. Native support for the Apple Watch can make updating your hearing aids even more discreet.

  • Fine-tune settings to your liking.
  • Easily adjust streaming settings for lows, mids and highs.
  • Set personal hearing goals with the HearingFitness™ feature.
  • Find your misplaced hearing aids using the app.
  • Check remaining battery time.
  • Get specialty care anytime, anywhere, using RemoteCare.

Learn more about the benefits you can experience with the revolutionary Oticon Intent by scheduling a visit with your audiologist today!

Real Hearing, Real Results

With four styles, nine colors and two chargers to choose from, the Oticon Real™ gives you a fully customizable hearing experience.

With the Real, you get even more tools to help you stay connected in your life. These versatile behind-the-ear hearing aids allow you to hang on to every word as you enjoy more conversations with friends, family and loved ones.

The RealSound Experience

The Oticon Real is powered by its RealSound Technology™, which ensures that you will never miss another sound or moment. RealSound utilizes the Polaris R™ platform, which allows for improved speech clarity and reduced background noises.

Make it Your Own

With five discreet styles and colors to choose from, the Oticon Own™ lets you truly take ownership of your fully customized hearing experience.

With the Own, you even get more personalized streaming options to help you stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues. These versatile in-the-ear hearing aids allow you to watch, listen and zoom through your daily activities at your pace.

More Hearing, More Engagement

The Oticon More™ takes hearing restoration to a new level. Its revolutionary Deep Neural Network (DNN) helps keep your brain informed with more than 12 million real-life sounds already programmed in.

Hear Smarter. Live Better.

What sets Oticon’s hearing devices apart is their BrainHearing™ technology, which allows users to hear better with less effort. Brain-focused hearing devices preserve natural noise quality in speech recognition, which results in improved user satisfaction.

Powerful Hearing Aids for Better Hearing

The groundbreaking technology within Oticon Xceed™ allows you to be part of the conversation without having to rely on lip-reading or guessing. Designed for those with severe to profound hearing loss and powered by BrainHearing™ technology, the Oticon Xceed helps open up the world around you.

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